Does God exist? | Where do we come from?

Does God exist? | Where do we come from?Does God exist?

The BIG question. It certainly predates wedding rings and more than likely, the mining of metal as well. It supersedes the ultimate question: Why are we here? Where do we come from? What astonishly overwhelming questions! Were we created instantaneously roughly 4,000 years ago in a desolate area of the middle east? Were we reincarnated from a past life? Do we have any evidence to support any of our claims? Questions that many people are reluctant to give conclusive responses to, automatically delegating God for answering all inquiries demanding complex thought, and its back to text messaging and TV time.

Does God exist? Given that other than personal testimonials usually from religious extremists or profiting pastors, there is no evidence to support that such God or gods exist or have ever existed. There is however, a large amount of evidence to suggest that man has worshipped himself longer than history has permitted us to record. In effect, this is really nowhere near as significant as the outcomes created by man’s translation of ancient texts written allegedly through revelation from God himself! There are a considerate amount of people still around TODAY who scowl upon the questioning of commitments so profound, they would kill without hesitation to defend them. How can the extremes of the al Qaeda regime vary so drastically from that of catholic saints, yet both are based on the same UNDERLYING grotesquely barbaric Abrahamic texts.

So how do we set a level “mental playing ground” to approach the problem?

If a non believer argues his case solidly with well researched facts and the powers of logic and reason, can holy assumptions be so powerful as to depotentiate it all? We’ve seen a monopoly of religious beliefs and how they’ve been used historically to control populations to accomplish everything from building pyramids to blowing up buildings, all in the name of their god or gods, however, it seems as though God and any reference to him automatically triggers a warm and positive sensation warranting respect. Why is this?

Operation Enduring Freedom | Where do we come fromSome claim it’s intuitively built into our neural infrastructure to want to believe. Does God exist? Where do we come from? The imagination one may associate with a growing child is a wonderful process of making hypotheses, testing, and ultimately learning new truths of the world. Eventually by accumulating millions of ‘learning incidents’ our logic and reason tend to allow us to leave most alleged beliefs behind.

The supernatural transcendent being overseeing our every move and knowing our every thought (only until death when eternity begins) may be a bit much for someone new to monotheism, when in turn, that same admission is what is claimed to bring peace to the hearts of billions. Realistically the message comes in the form of love and compassion for one another, focusing on the good within and emphasizing on Faith (believing without evidence). To believe something without evidence seems absolutely foolish in matters concerning business or relationships, on the other hand, it IS the foundation of which religion is rooted. How can thought processes so disparate coexist within ourselves? Does God exist in reality or does God exist in our minds? Where do we come from if God “created us? Where do we come from if there is no god? I consider these the greatest questions worth answering.

Historically religion was the base for science to the best of our abilities. It was our very first attempts of answering the unknown. How does the tide come in? The gods do it! How does the sun rise? The gods do it. Where do we come from? the gods… but does God exist?

For those that are not familiar with polytheistic beliefs, it predates any belief in a “God” by thousands of years and was the best tool that Homo sapiens had to deal with the arising art and science of reason and logic. Many scientists believe religion was a survival mechanism necessary for living and communicating in small kin groups. As we continued to evolve, grow, and adapt, it is historically obvious how we then began to focus on control. Controlling rocks by creating temples, controlling water by creating irrigation systems, domesticating wild wolves, and sequentially, human oppression.

How can one human be greater than another?Who is God?

I think this was the part that got me at such a young age. How can priests talk to God but I can’t? Where’s the proof? Does God exist in certain humans? How can a man die and come back from the dead? Ironically any questions remotely similar to these are usually “auto stifled” and converted into biblical lingo referring God as the unanswerable, unadulterated, unequivocal solution for it all. Not to mention you are obligated to the confession of being born flawed and begging forgiveness for sins you never committed, solidifying a moral contract with breach of agreement resulting in eternal burning over and over forever and ever, and we are the only species out of up to 10 millions others to walk the planet chosen for his plan right here and NOW, for a minimal 2 1/2-20% of your income!

I say none of this out of anger or spite with intent to “slander” religion. I candidly reach out to those out there who may have questions they would like to discuss, thoughts to share, but most importantly to help you know that no matter how religious of a background you may be engulfed in, YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Does God exist? Where do we come from? Reasonably logical questions to demand answers to. You are not wrong for questioning anything; your boss, your peers, your teachers, your parents, and most importantly, your God!



2 thoughts on “Does God exist? | Where do we come from?

  1. My thought on the question of ‘God’s’ existence for some years has been that it’s the wrong question. For me, a first question would be something like “What is the nature of this concept we’ve come to label ‘God’?” When I was quite young, I was told several ‘truth’s’ about ‘God’. These were: ‘Exists no where and everywhere at once’; is *not* a little old man in the sky; has no gender; and ‘is love’.

    Since I was living in a predominantly rural Presbyterian home and community, I have some trouble figuring out the source of these defining characteristics. I suspect my mother in part, who was on something of a quest to settle religious questions for herself, but I don’t remember her emphasizing these to me. Other possible sources – farm women Sunday school teachers who were very kind and thoughtful ladies and maybe didn’t’ want to terrify children!

    In any case, I took the ‘definition’ to heart. I spent time ‘looking for God’, constantly reminding myself that anything ‘concrete or material’ I came up with wasn’t God. References to ‘God’ as ‘He’ were completely in error to me. At the same time, true to its nature, my environmental culture affected me as per typical Christian admonishments. I wasn’t worried too much about going to hell, but I did find it all to easy to feel shame and unworthiness.

    Many years later, I found zen perspectives helpful, although I did also manage to trip myself up with other eastern perspectives, especially ‘karma’ focused ones, that now strike me as very much like Calvinist ‘predestination’ ideas. I retain ‘awareness’ of ‘something’ which I take to have little to do with religion or perhaps even with spirituality except that it’s ‘outside’ any neurological explanations I’ve come across that insist ‘god’ is nothing but electrical brain activity. I no longer bother myself much about the existence or even the nature of ‘God’, and if I use any label at all, I may try to explain it as related to some vast universal, even cosmic, consciousness. I suppose my reaction these days is almost a ‘shrug’ – “more to learn before we settle who/what we’re a part of – and I’ve got other stuff to do”.

    Mostly I’ve shifted to ‘here/now’ social and environmental issues – to examining what is, vs what might be, and how ‘who we think we are’ keeps us from realizing something better.

    When I listen to arguments on the existence of ‘God’, I sometimes sense the arguers aren’t talking about the same thing. Each has a different concept, yet they argue on, as if they are talking about the same thing. (?)

    Glad to have found your blog – I don’t usually take time to ‘lay out’ my ‘take’ on ‘God’ and this seemed a fitting place.


    • Thank you very much for your feedback, I appreciate you taking the time to share all of that. I notice I am slowly shifting to the “here and now” as well, guess I just have to have a starting point!

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