(Hebrew: יהודה meaning “Judah”)

JudaismJudaism is the oldest surviving monotheistic religion with its roots stretching back 3,000 years to bronze-age middle east. Their doctrines are derived from the Hebrew Bible ,or Tanakh, which are later explored in the Talmud (the instruction or teaching focused on the “six orders” of the Oral Law). With a total population of over 13.4 million ‘Jews’, a majority self-identifying as ‘Rabbinic Jews’, they make up a mere .2% of the world populous, predominately located in Israel and the US. Despite disputation their main focus in on the relationship between God almighty, mankind, and the Holy Land of Israel.

There is no exact definition for faith in Jewish traditions, however the most adhered to is the 13 principles of faith by Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, one of the greatest medieval Jewish scholars, known as Rambam (acronym for RMBM), or to the secular world, Maimonides.